Welcome to the King’s Think Tank, the largest student-led policy institute in Europe. 

Our institution was created in the wake of the student protests in 2010, as a means of empowering change through student activism without resorting to civil disorder. The King’s Think Tank aims to provide a platform for students to engage with the world of policy. It is an exceptional opportunity for students to identify and advocate for innovative solutions to complex issues. 

Through our seven policy centres, our committee strives to address the pressing challenges of today’s society through organising policy-related events, panel discussions, and thought-provoking podcast interviews. Critical analyses are published in our online blog and formal policy papers are published in our annual policy journal, The Spectrum.

In the decade since our launch, we have grown into a vibrant and diverse community of writers, activists, and leaders. Over the academic year of 2022/23 we thrive to build even closer cooperation in between our seven policy centres to address multiple policy issues that are changing the world. We feel great responsibility to shape our common future at the time when leadership is most needed. With the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have clearly reached a historical turning point, Zeitenwende, which requires swift united response and long-term strategic change in policy. 

This year we organise the first student-led conference in the history of our society. This conference is in alignment with our goal of bringing together our seven policy centres. The theme of the conference is crisis management addressing policy challenges from the commodification of education through the digitalization of identity to the security crisis around Taiwan. 

With the Defence & Diplomacy, Business & Economics, Education, Energy & Environment, European Affairs, Global Health, Technology & Innovation, our mission is to continue our disseminated work with a variety of audiences, across social, cultural, and political backgrounds, including students, stakeholders, and decision-makers in the realm of public policy.

If you have a vision and want to make a difference, get involved in policy-making and advocacy, there has never been a better time to get involved with King’s Think Tank.

Dorottya Zsiboracs
President, 2022-23


Recent publications:

The latest issue of our annual policy journal The Spectrum is now live. Check it out here:

Founded in the wake of 2010’s student protests, The Spectrum is the UK’S oldest student-run policy journal. It offers the opportunity to engage with the challenges of policy-making and devise original solutions to today’s political, military, economic, and social issues. The Spectrum represents a unique platform for students to communicate clear, incisive, and coherent policy recommendations to British MPs, select committees, and influential figures. This initiative constitutes but one of the unique ways in which the King’s Think Tank helps students develop the skills necessary to devise policy for both business and government.

This year, we look at the world after Covid-19 and asks ourselves: What are the great challenges to the international system. These themes are probably recognizable – climate change, challenger states, artificial intelligence – the world rarely changes very quickly. Yet, the solutions offered here are new and refreshing. Our contributors challenge you with their ideas on how to move the world forward and ask you to imagine that change for the better is possible. At King’s Think Tank, we seek to nurture and encourage a passion for public policy among students and offer a platform to make heard the voices of the coming generation. You will find those voices in this publication. And all of them have something stimulating and bold to say. I hope you enjoy reading this year’s edition of The Spectrum – I certainly did.

Julia Hoffmann

Head Editor, 2022-23

Latest from our blog:

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