Call for Submissions: The Spectrum 2015

King’s Think Tank is looking for policy recommendation submissions for their annual journal, The Spectrum! This will be our fifth edition and every year the work gets stronger, our network of contacts gets wider and your policy has a better chance to be heard! Please email if you are interested in being sent an electronic copy of our previous work.

Citizen participation in policy-making is an essential feature of healthy politics and society dynamics. If you are a student passionate about making a difference, writing for us is the right choice for you. A team of editors is here to help you develop your policy ideas into a published paper that not only looks good on your CV, but that can make an impact in Parliament! Email your policy idea to to get involved. We will be happy to answer all your questions, including what a policy recommendation is, how you can write one and what assistance we can offer you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Andrada Dobre


King’s Think Tank

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