Letter from the Editor: The Spectrum 2018

I am excited to announce that we have completely redesigned our journal, fully updated our website, and tripled the number of submissions to The Spectrum. In this issue, readers will find student-written policy proposals and commentaries on an wide array of topics, ranging from cyber vulnerability to education inequality to non-communicable diseases. 

None of our contributors claim to have conceived the ultimate solution to processing asylum seekers, achieving the sustainable development goals, or preventing violent extremism. But their contributions demonstrate their will to appreciate, engage, and grapple with some of the biggest challenges faced by policy- makers in the world today. And, whatever the scope of their policy brief, all students certainly benefited from the exercise of producing structured, rigorous, and innovative arguments in a distinctively non-academic format.

Some proposals are bold; others modest. Some emphasise new opportunities for states and organisations to share best practices; others provide stringent evaluations of past policies which, despite the best intentions, have failed to achieve their goals. Some policies are legislative; others focus on resource allocation, regulation, and broader strategy. All of them propose well-informed and timely solutions to problems which will require us to work collaboratively and think creatively.

Recent reports from the World Economic Forum and the Overseas Development Institute lament the scarcity of thoroughly ‘evidence-based’ policy-making. Students are particularly well placed to produce academically substantiated proposals, and the Spectrum is yet another platform which connects researchers to decision-makers. King’s Think Tank is proud to empower students and showcase their insights into how we can champion development and progress. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the 8th edition of our policy recommendation journal, The Spectrum.

Elina Solomon
Head Editor
King’s Think Tank

Students from all disciplines and backgrounds are highly encouraged to contribute their ideas and arguments to our growing community of writers. You can find out more here.


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