Advisory Board

The Advisory Board maintains a formal connection to our alumni and aids in shaping our long-term strategic vision. We are very excited to introduce the Board’s members.

Hilary Manning

Hilary is completing her PhD in Public Policy at King’s College London, studying the impact of consulting on policy development in government. She was President of King’s Think Tank 2016-2017 and is really proud of its successes, including the first UK Student Policy Forum, King’s Think Tank visits to Westminster Houses of Parliament, European Commission in Brussels, and World Health Organisation in Geneva. She is currently in Melbourne working with the Victorian Government.

Sincere Chen

Sincere served as Vice President of King’s Think Tank from 2018-2019 and was the liaison for Energy & Environment policy centre the year prior. She read History and International Relations during her time at King’s, with a concentration in Anglo-American politics from 1945-2000. She is currently completing a Juris Doctor degree in Hong Kong.  Combined with past experiences in government research and media, she hopes to continue contributing to KTT in every way possible.

Stanislav Skryabin

Stanislav is a graduate of the KCL 2018 class and holds a Bachelor (Hons) degree in International Relations. During his time at King’s, he served as the President of the Defence & Diplomacy Policy Centre for two consecutive years. In line with contemporary themes, he focused the Policy Centre’s activities on researching and devising policies on combatting populism, private military contractors, rising great powers, as well as on international conflicts. Stanislav currently works as a management consultant with Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company, specialising in risk, regulation and governance in the financial services industry.

Michelle Liptakova

Michelle was President of King’s Think Tank in 2013-2014, after having added and led the Law Policy Centre the previous year. Michelle now works as a Funds lawyer.

Diana Suciu

Diana was President of King’s Think Tank in 2017-2018, and the North America Liaison the previous year. After graduating from King’s, she received a Master of Laws degree from Cornell University. She is currently a researcher for the Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide, and will join the London office of law firm Hogan Lovells LLP in 2020.

Afiq Fitri

Afiq served as President of the King’s Think Tank from 2018 to 2019 and as Director of the European Affairs Policy Centre the previous year. After graduating in 2019, he now works as an analyst in a London-based technology start-up.

Sifan Zheng

Sifan served as President of King’s Think Tank from 2019-2020 and as the Director of the Global Health Policy Centre the previous year. He is returning to King’s College London for 5th year of Medicine after completing an intercalated Bachelors in Management at Imperial College Business School. In his spare time, Sifan runs an artificial intelligence startup to disrupt the field of dermatology.

Camille Lalevée

Camille is pursuing an MSc in International Relations at the London School of Economics, focusing on policy-making and conflict in Eurasia. She has been involved with the King’s Think Tank since 2017, and was the Director of the Defence and Diplomacy Policy Centre in 2019-2020.