The King’s Think Tank is the first student-led organisation of its kind in London, founded in 2010 in the wake of the tuition fee protests. A small group of students at King’s College London dedicated themselves to empowering student voice with the tools necessary to impact and change policy. It represents the missing link between students, ever so politically active, and policy-makers.

At the heart of our initiative was the Spectrum, the annually published journal that brings together student contribution to national and international policy. Six years on, the journal is still the essence of this enterprise and the evidence of hard work and commitment from the committee and students alike. We publish quality evidence-based policy recommendations, written by students under the guidance of academic and industry experts.


This blog will showcase not only opinion pieces on current affairs and updates from our events, but also our past, present and future policy papers. It represents our attempt to reach a wider audience and allow for more diverse contributions.

Please email editor@kingsthinktank.org if you are interested in writing for us.

Disclaimer: The opinions presented in these articles belong to the authors and do not represent the King’s Think Tank. The King’s Think Tank is a neutral organisation that facilitates and encourages students to discuss and explore policy.

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