Events 2018-19

For information on our upcoming events, see our Facebook page, here. You can read about our events held in 2018-19 below:

KCL-UCL Policy Debate
28 February 2018

KCL UCL Policy Debate

King’s Think Tank had their second annual KCL-UCL Policy Debate on February 28th, at KCL’s Strand Campus.

King’s Think Tank recruited 6 debaters in total, divided into teams of 3. 2 debates ran in parallel. The motions are: “This House believes that candidates for the highest office of a State must mandatorily have government experience.” (KCL is arguing against) and “This House believes that the media should be accountable for its impact on policy decisions.” (KCL is arguing in favor). The sides were determined by an impartial coin toss.

King’s Think Tank organized training sessions for both teams and will provide a handbook detailing the relevant rules.

Last year, KCL won both debates and the best speaker award (£50 Waterstones voucher).

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MyMind Matters Too!
1 March 2018


Let’s Talk: Mental Health

The King’s Think Tank held a panel discussion on ”My Mind Matters Too” on 1 March 2018. The aim of our event was to bring together experts from varied backgrounds – think tanks, education, academia, politics, civil service – to discuss the important and topical question in contemporary Mental Health Policy – which is ‘what more can be done by the government and our educational institutions to support 18-25-year-olds with dealing with their mental health?’

A staggering, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year with an increasing 75% of cases being established by the age of 25. Young people in comparison to any other age group are subject to an incredible amount of pressure growing up; facing issues such as exams, relationships, bullying and peer pressure, body image, financial worries, responsibilities as parents or carers – the list goes on – it is no wonder that CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are struggling to meet demand across the country.

So the biggest question we are left with is, how can we prevent this?

Please join us in support of University Mental Health Day.

Featuring guest speakers:

  • Dr. Nicola Byrom, Founder of Student Minds, Lecturer in Psychology at King’s College London.
  • Julie Castleman, Chair of our Higher Education Network and MHFA England National Trainer.
  • Charlotte Furber, Policy Advisor from MIND.
  • Eve Mundy, Chair of Voice Collective at MIND
  • Wilna Gracias, King’s Health and Wellbeing Senior Team Member.

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