Meet Our 2022-23 Team

The King’s Think Tank is student-led, meaning every single committee member is a student from King’s College London. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the academic year to put on terrific events with high-profile speakers and offer students the opportunity to have their policy ideas heard by MPs, experts, and influential figures.


Dorottya Zsiboracs


I am Dorottya, a third-year International Relations student. I am particularly interested in OSINT, cybersecurity, and the rapidly evolving technological development in war. My second home is WatchHouse or Chapters on Strand campus.

Fun fact, I am pursuing a very much unknown sport synchronized swimming.

Ludmila Chamoux

Vice President

My name is Ludmila (but feel free to call me Mila), and I am a third-year International Relations student. My interests are a colourfully mismatched bunch that range – in no particular order – from space cybersecurity, soft power in mass media, and, most importantly, pastoral farming in New Zealand.

Elie Tokpa

Vice President

My name is Elie Tokpa, I am a third-year International Relations student returning from a year abroad in Paris. I am particularly interested in the complex intercontinental relations between Europe and Africa. You will definitely find me on a basketball court far too frequently, as I absolutely love this sport. I am looking forward to the upcoming year with you all at KTT!

Nick Slovachevskyi


My name is Nick, I am a second-year Economics student. My interests vary from UK politics to developments in financial markets. In my spare time, I like to play tennis and hang out with friends.

Head Editors

Julia Hoffman

Head Editor

Julia is a final-year International Relations student at King’s College. She enjoys learning about a broad range of regional dynamics and placing these into dialogue with current affairs and contemporary political developments. As an editor, she is excited to learn more about innovative policies while encouraging writers to dig deeper and think unconventionally. Julia spends her weekends exploring new restaurants and cuisines while her weeknights are reserved for watching classic sitcoms and making her way through the Criterion Collection!

Miriam Yakobashvili

Deputy Editor and Conference Lead

My name is Miriam Yakobashvili and I am a third-year international relations student in the Department of War Studies. My policy interests are in international security, occupied territories and quasi-states. I love traveling and exploring new cuisines!


Emma Deleplaire-Ripoche

Head of Events

I’m Emma, a third-year International Relations student with a specific interest in war, security, and cybersecurity matters. I’m passionate about traveling, and more specifically backpacking alone.

Adrien Daniere

Deputy Head of Events

My name is Adrien Daniere, I am a second-year Political Economy student at King’s, and I will be the Deputy Head of Events at KTT this year. I believe that cross-disciplinary approaches are key to understand and reflect on current political and economic issues, and I am looking forward to contribute to such a process at KTT. Apart from Politics and Economics, I really enjoy French literature and French cinema (guess where I’m from).

Sadiye Serin

Communications Head

My name is Sadiye, I’m a third-year International Relations student in the Department of War Studies. I have a specific interest in global governance, multilateral diplomacy, and security strategy. In my spare time, you can probably find me training my horse or drinking coffee with friends.

Kiara Breka

Social Secretary

I am Kiara, a second-year International Relations student from Serbia/Croatia/Germany. I am particularly interested in security studies and foreign policy. Aside from my academic interest, I love traveling, photography, and fencing.

Moira Gyenes

Social Media

My name is Moira and I will be the head of KTT’s social media this year. Though I study biomedical science, I have always been particularly interested in public policy and I thoroughly enjoy learning about diplomacy and security. My favourite form of procrastination is reading science fiction and fantasy novels, I am a huge fan of Asimov and Tolkien. I am also fond of the arts, in my free time I love painting and playing the piano. You’ll probably find me drinking an oat latte in WatchHouse or browsing the first-floor shelves in Hatchards Piccadilly