Meet Our Team

The King’s Think Tank is student-led, meaning every single committee member is a student from King’s College London. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the academic year to put on terrific events with high-profile speakers and offer students the opportunity to have their policy ideas heard by MPs, experts, and influential figures.

Juliette Aikman


I am a third-year International Relations student, interested in the evolution of security studies and counter-terrorism in the 21st century. I am also very passionate about conflict management and debates about the future of the World Order.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning Russian and endlessly refilling my cup of tea.


Udit Mahalingam

Vice President

I am a third-year English Literature student. I am particularly interested in issues related to the enforcement of national counterterrorism strategies in the education and health sector, and to the role of public policy in empowering vulnerable, disenfranchised communities.

I also have a passion for incentivizing creative arts and freelance as a music journalist in my spare time.


Sebastian Baciu

Head Editor

I am a third-year International Relations student interested in environmental issues and their impact on multi-level governance, especially in the context of the EU.

I also enjoy learning from other people and hearing their opinions on today’s political landscape.


Sophie Shiori Umeyama

Head Editor

I am a first year PhD student, studying Politics and specialising in East Asia. My research focuses on the power dynamics of identity and memory and how these ideational factors may be (mis)used in International Relations.


Amaaya Nath

Deputy Head Editor

I am a first year PPE student, and I think that with words and thoughts we can change the world. I can’t wait to join the KTT community to empower ideas that garner change.


Camille Darbo


I am a third-year International Relations student from France. My main areas of interest are climate change, development strategies, biodiversity, and gender equality.

I strive to raise awareness about the numerous impacts of the global environmental crisis that humanity is facing.


Barbara Listek

Communications Director

I am a third-year  International Relations student from Poland. I am particularly interested in the topics of gender in IR and minority rights. I am also passionate about political philosophy.


Till Stock

Social Secretary

I My name is Till and I’m from Hamburg, Germany. I joined King’s to major in Politics on the Liberal Arts program with modules predominantly focusing on political economy. My particular academic interests revolve around the ideas of sustainability and economic issues, as well as voting behaviour and political communications. Appreciating creative endeavours of all sorts, I will be responsible for hosting and organising events for the society in this academic year. In my spare time, I enjoy doing photography, music and visiting museums.