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The Business and Economics Policy Centre has set out two themes for the following academic year which will guide our research and policy papers. The first theme will explore the looming effect of the green economy. Whereas the second theme will discuss the intricacies of the labour market in relation to immigration.

Due to recent global changes in government legislation favouring carbon neutrality and net zero policies, the corporate climate has drastically shifted towards incorporating a greener economy. Whilst this may seem like a step in the right direction to combat climate change, there is another challenge which begins to brew, known as the ‘green bubble’. With investors looking to get a piece of the market action and therefore pumping cash into anything that looks green, the valuations of eco-friendly companies have skyrocketed despite unsustainable business fundamentals. Experts warn that the effect of the green bubble bursting could resemble that of the housing bubble in 2008 which led to the global financial crisis. 

Therefore the first semester will focus on investigating the micro and macroeconomic impacts of green investment on relevant stakeholders as well as developing countries whose focus sways away from the bright green future. Looking forward, we intend to propose potential top-down and bottom-up policies with the aim to encourage the establishment of sustainable eco-friendly corporations which generate a much healthier form of green investment.

As for the second semester, we aim to produce findings investigating the net impact immigration has on the UK’s labour market. There are often negative views associated with immigration as some believe that migrants pose a hefty economic cost to the nation, such as through an increase in competition and lower wages for the locals. At this Policy Centre, we intend to discover whether these beliefs hold value by conducting thorough research to uncover the net results of immigration. We would further like to guide our research towards analysing the impact of COVID-19 on labour migration and hence the corresponding shifts in the labour market. 

If you have a keen interest in one of our themes and would like to contribute to our policy papers, blog and/or events, then please do contact us at We look forward to hearing your unique perspectives.

Alainah Amer

Director, Business and Economics Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Alainah Amer


I’m in my third and final year studying International Development. I’m interested in the role free market economics can play in bridging the gap between the developed and developing nations, with a particular focus on trade policy. In my spare time, I enjoy watching cricket, binging Netflix shows, and spending time with my friends and family.


David Vergara Schleich


My name is David Vergara Schleich, and I am a German-Colombian, third-year International Relations student. I am particularly interested in international financial institutions, developmental economics, and the relationship between domestic national security and the international political economy. I am also interested in the politicisation of trade regimes and how global trade patterns today reflect the underlying relations between major political powers.

Anahita Roy

Liaison Officer

I am a second-year politics student and have a particular interest in green economics and immigration labour policy, both of which I feel are, and will be, major areas of contention within our domestic and global society.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family.

Our Working Group:

Shresth Goel

I am a 2nd Year Politics student at KCL. My interests revolve around capital markets and their role in the interaction between micro and macroeconomic trends. The ongoing post-pandemic market recovery has induced tectonic shifts in the methods of business management across the board, making this arena a hotspot for policy amendments and additions. I am keen on using this as an opportunity to better understand the long-term foundation of the future of private equity, asset management and best business practices. In my spare time, I find myself playing FIFA while sipping on an unhealthy number of Red Bulls and listening to 60s Jazz!

Sayed Taqi Shah

I am from Nepal and was raised in Singapore. I am a Year 2 International Relations student, and am intrigued by a range of issues to do with Business & Economics.  For instance, I am particularly interested in exploring how different policies shape global markets and vice versa, while emphasising the effects they have on people and societies.  Furthermore in the year ahead, I aim to explore topics such as the green boom and labour migration in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, Olympic weightlifting and coffee.

Talvin Bath

I am a first year Philosophy, Politics & Economics student with a particular interest in how financial services impact and facilitate global development, whether through regulatory or profit-seeking practices. At the moment, I spend my spare time reading Russian literature, Boxing, and seeing friends.

Tanya Lim

I’m a first year Economics student born and raised in Singapore. l am particularly interested in how developing countries create growth and opportunity for its people, and in turn, how social movements influences policymaking. I am excited to delve into green economy and labour immigration policies and explore the roles individuals, government and society plays in shaping these dynamic issues. In my free time, I enjoy walking and exploring neighbourhoods and can be found sticker hunting at grocery stores!

Jenny Su

Hi, I’m Jenny and a MA Political Economy student. My main interests are the UK levelling up agenda, specifically what that means for cities and towns and housing affordability. Outside of policy, I enjoy designing infographics and visiting museums and galleries.