At a time when inequality is steadily rising, it is more important than ever to ensure that education remains one arena in which all young people have the same opportunities to grow and succeed. However, as we have both witnessed and experienced first-hand, education is not immune to the wide variety of challenges facing our society today, such as the pandemic and economic and political instability. According to the UN, 17 percent of the world’s children lack access to education. Within the UK, inequality in education is also on the rise and improvements in closing the attainment gap have stagnated. Therefore, promoting equality in both access to education and inclusive curricula demands urgent policy attention.

Thus, as the Education Policy Centre at King’s Think Tank, we are addressing the diverse range of issues relating to the equality and accessibility of education in the UK and around the world. We aim to make policy recommendations that ensure education is not discriminatory through either unequal access to quality learning or narrow curricula.

Therefore, during semester one we will be focusing on financial barriers to equal access to education and important topics, such as the increasing commodification of education. In semester two, we will shift our focus towards curriculums and teaching practices, in an effort to determine how these can be made more equitable through policies attempting to decolonise education.

Ultimately, as the Education Policy Centre, we would like to demonstrate how even in times of great change and struggle, important progress can still be made through implementing policies that champion equality and inclusivity, as well as enable future growth by ensuring people have access to the tools they need to succeed. 

Catherine Burke

Director, Education Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Catherine Burke


Hi, my name is Catherine and I am in my third year studying history and international relations at King’s! I am interested in topics relating to decolonizing education and cultural history. In my free time, I love exploring London’s many art galleries and museums!

Ines Werneck Arencibia


Hey! I’m Inés and I’m the education editor and a student of International Development at King’s. I was born in Madrid, but I’m both Spanish and Brazilian. My main interests are social policy, gender and inequality, I love working and learning on anything to do with regulations and social equity and justice. In my free time, I love singing, crocheting and going to museums with my friends.

Our Working Group:

Zeki Dolen

My name is Zeki and I’m in my first year of a part-time MA in International Political Economy. I’m primarily interested in the financialisation of higher education and developments in the higher education sector since the 2012 reforms. Outside of policy, I enjoy reading history, playing board games and supporting Arsenal men and women.

Himani Lakshmi Jogia-Samat

I am a third year PPL student. I have an interest in disparities within the education system and the effects of primary socialisation of children pertaining to academic success. Outside of KTT I enjoy vintage shopping and am currently learning to DJ; my favourite genre is Bassline!