Energy & Environment

During the first term of the 2021/2022 academic year, the Energy & Environment Policy Centre will be focusing on how climate change is already affecting the global south. What can be done to aid those most in need? Climate change has the potential to have an unprecedented effect on the lives of almost every single one of us but it’s those that live in countries least responsible for global warming that are the most at risk. We wish to focus our attention on the adaptational policy vital to dealing with this challenge, especially with the 1.5 degree warming target slipping from our proverbial grasp. We believe that climate change is the single biggest challenge affecting our world today, and feel that its implications will shape human behaviour and global policy for generations to come. 

Our second theme for this year will focus on green finance and how we can incentivise the private sector to meet climate goals. Much of the private sector is moving faster than governments to future-proof their investments and other revenue streams but how can we make sure that they decarbonise at a fast enough rate to hit that elusive 1.5 degree target? In addition, how can central banks adapt to a climate-threatened world to save the economies they protect? The European Central Bank (ECB) has released publications in recent years that point to radical solutions such as green quantitative easing. Is this attitude of experimentation something we can expect to see spread, or will varying approaches be taken in different parts of the world?  

At the Energy & Environment Policy Centre, we welcome any ideas or contributions you may have and would like to encourage you to join the debate on these topics. If you are interested in participating in our work, please contact for more information.

Gabriel Yunus Pontin

Director, Energy and Environment Policy Centre 

Our Policy Centre:

Gabriel Yunus Pontin


Hi I’m Gabriel, and I’m in the second year of my BSc Politics degree. I am hoping to pursue a career in local government, the third sector, or international development. Therefore I am attentive to environmental issues that crop up everyday from air quality in big cities, to less predictable flooding in coastal areas, or increased surface heat in desert settlements. I very much look forward to further exploring the role of Energy & Environment policy in establishing a greener, fairer, and more sustainable world, as part of the King’s Think Tank this year. 

Our Working Group:

Sreejesh Neelanath

An engineer turned banker with over a decade of a career spent in development finance in India and the UK, I am currently pursuing my second Master’s in International Political Economy. I am interested particularly in international climate finance, economics and policy development. I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, interacting with new people and joining my daughter in the community choir.

Gayatri Ghosh

Hi. My name is Gayatri and I am a 2nd year Politics student. My research interests lie in climate governance. I enjoy watching sitcoms and trying new cuisines.

Ruoxuan Li

I am a postgraduate student in Environment, Politics and Development at the Geography Development. Prior to my master’s degree, I worked with think tanks, consulting firms and non-profit organisations. My main research interest focuses on climate finance and ESG, in which I participated in ESG ratings, sustainability reporting and ESG research.

Gloria Teichmann

I am a postgraduate student in Strategic Communications at the War Studies Department. Before coming to King’a I worked in my local counsel as well as in state parliament. My main research focus is the disparity between the global north and south and how we can contribute to a fair climate.