European Union

In an era where the dynamics of geopolitics are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the European Union stands as a beacon of stability, unity, and influence. The intricate interplay of its institutions, policies, and member states’ interests has rendered the EU an enduring subject of fascination and scrutiny worldwide. Understanding and analysing the multifaceted aspects of this political juggernaut requires an interdisciplinary approach, and that’s precisely where the EU Policy Centre at our esteemed Think Tank steps into the spotlight.

In the first semester, our primary focus will be on the European Union as a Global Actor. This pivotal topic delves into the EU’s role and influence on the global stage. We’ll examine its foreign policy strategies, international partnerships, and diplomatic endeavours, assessing how they impact global affairs. With a keen eye on the EU’s commitment to multilateralism, we’ll explore its role in addressing critical global challenges, from climate change to conflict resolution. Through rigorous analysis and research, we aim to understand the EU’s evolving position as a global leader and its potential to shape a more interconnected and cooperative world.

As the calendar flips to the second semester, the focus will shift to a cornerstone event in European politics: the European Parliament elections of 2024. With the fate of the EU’s legislative branch hanging in the balance, our centre will serve as a hub for in-depth analysis, commentary, and data-driven insights. From the political landscape within member states to the rise of pan-European political movements, the semester will scrutinise the key factors shaping the electoral landscape.

Diego Misiti

Director, EU Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Diego Misiti Brea


Hello, my name is Diego. I am a third-year international student from Spain studying European Politics BA. The EU is a project that fascinates me: from its history to the current internal workings, diversity, and even its unique place on the global stage; it is for these reasons that I am keen on researching, debating, and dissecting the intricacies of the Union. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing music, good literature, and getting lost in museums!

Matilde Girolami


Hi, my name is Matilde! I’m a second-year Philosophy, Politics, and Economics student at King’s. I’m passionate about human rights, international laws, and the involvement of international organizations in European politics. Additionally, I am interested in the European Union’s role in addressing global challenges, including climate change, migration, and digital transformation. Outside of academics, I enjoy photography and walks in nature.

Ada Pia Visciotti


Hello, I’m Ada, currently pursuing a double MA in Policies and Governance in Europe at King’s College London and LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. My academic and professional journey has been marked by a deep engagement with European policymaking, particularly focusing on the EU’s influence and role in the global scenario. I’m passionate about analysing EU’s foreign policies and their impact on development dynamics, especially in the context of EU-Africa interactions. My interests extend to exploring how institutions influence geopolitics strategies and dynamics through formal and informal instruments.