Technology & Innovation

The Technology and Innovations Policy Centre will be focusing on two main themes this year. In the first semester, our main interest will be: Ethical Tech and Digital Governance. In this era of rapid technological advancement, the landscape of human interaction, industry and governance is undergoing a profound transformation. Technology’s pervasive influence on society has brought about incredible opportunities, but it also raises pressing ethical questions and challenges that can certainly be addressed through policy responses. This theme encompasses a broad array of topics, such as data privacy and digital rights, which consider the legal implications of new technologies and their GDPR compliance. It also includes Cybersecurity and Digital Defence, which examines strategies for enhancing the protection of critical infrastructure and addresses emerging cyber threats. The theme invites you to engage in an exploration of the intricate interplay between technology, ethics, and governance.

For the second semester, our theme will be Digital Inclusion and Equity. We will explore the concepts relating to digital literacy and education, affordable tech and accessible design, and economic inclusion through Tech. New technologies have become synonymous with progress and innovation, it is also important to focus towards a critical question: Who benefits from the digital revolution, and who gets left behind? This theme challenges us to confront the digital divide, which creates harsh disparities in access, skills and opportunities, while also acknowledging the transformative potential of technology to bridge these gaps and create a more equitable society. While technology has the power to amplify voices, facilitate economic growth, and enhance education and healthcare, these benefits still remain out of reach for many.

At the Technology and Innovation Policy Centre, we welcome any ideas or contributions you may have and would like to encourage you to join the debate on these topics. If you are interested in participating in our work, please contact for more information.

Astrid de Rohan Willner

Director, Technology & Innovation Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Astrid de Rohan Willner


Hi! My name is Astrid, and I’m a third year International Relations student. I have a keen interest in the use of technology in warfare, and more specifically emerging terrorist threats in the cyberspace. Last year I wrote a paper for The Spectrum titled: “Are NFTs Funding Terrorism?”.

In my spare time, I love to listen to jazz, bake, and paint.

Ved Shivakumar


Hello! I’m Ved, the Tech and Innovation Editor at the King’s Think Tank. I am a second-year History and International Relations Student. My passion is exploring how technology and innovation are shaping our world, particularly in the field of development and how it can help resolve global issues and ensure it makes the world a slightly better place 🙂

Our Researchers:

Halin Lee

I’m a third-year Digital Media and Culture student. I have a particular interest in the impact of emerging technologies on human interaction and cultural entrepreneurship for social change. In my spare time, you can probably find me DJing or eating food inside and taking pictures or buying clothes outside.

Tanya Lim

I’m a second-year Economics student with a keen interest in Government Technology and Innovation. I am particularly eager to understand how artificial intelligence shapes the functioning of democracies globally; and the pivotal role of emerging communication platforms in conflicts and peacetime. Outside school, I can be found running around London while listening to podcasts on Southeast Asia issues.

Veronica Orbecchi

I am Veronica and I am currently doing my master’s in Neuroscience. I really enjoy learning about the ethics of human enhancement technologies and how these should be regulated. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on policies for performance-enhancement drugs in gyms, and find it even more fascinating to think about how innovations like genetic engineering play into the enhancement debate. Beyond academics, I enjoy bouldering and any other mountain sport!

Oliver Tate

I’m Oli, a second-year War Studies student. My research interests include areas such as AI, surveillance, big data, tech company regulation and information warfare. I’m also interested in the relationship between technology, privacy, and censorship and understanding the best ways we can uphold democratic principles whilst also tackling dangerous content. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar.