General Editor’s Note 2016

Dear Readers,

The King’s Think Tank blog is back again for the Academic Year 2016/17!

This year, our blog turns it focus towards long-form, bringing to readers greater depth and insight into critical issues from around the world. We will also be introducing interviews with academics, policy makers and practitioners from different policy domains to bring diverse views to a range of issues.

Some major changes are also taking place at the Think Tank this year – we have introduced the researcher role, getting each researcher at our policy centres to undertake a 6-month long research project to develop a robust set of policy recommendations. We are also looking to broaden our student engagement by providing more trainings and policy workshops this year for our students from King’s. Both reflect our emphasis on equipping students with the right skills to analyse and develop policy, and providing a platform for students to engage the wider public.

We begin the new semester with pieces from the presidents of our seven Policy Centres, setting the tone for upcoming events and projects at the King’s Think Tank.

Join us on our journey this academic year – read our pieces, participate in our events (if you are in London), or write for us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours Truly,

Rocky Howe
General Editor
King’s Think Tank

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